John Zak


John extends a warm welcome to all, and has a deep commitment to offering a safe and compassionate space for exploration, healing, and personal growth. As a dedicated counsellor, John is driven by a passion to bring about transformative change in the lives of his clients. John uses a warm and nonjudgmental approach, recognizing the influential role of the therapeutic relationship as a catalyst for healing. He focuses on creating a nurturing environment where clients can openly explore their emotions, experiences, and concerns. John aims to collaboratively uncover pathways to healing, resilience, and personal growth, empowering his clients to reclaim their lives and make meaningful connections within themselves and with others.

John is passionate about supporting older teens, young adults, and adults who are struggling with various challenges, including stress and anxiety, depression, grief and loss, addiction, trauma, and relationship issues. Within his practice, John uses a variety of evidence-based interventions. Some of these approaches include Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Somatic Experiencing, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Family Systems Theory. John has the tools to specifically treat trauma and help clients manage stress, improve emotional regulation, and build healthier relationships.

John’s special focus in trauma work allows him to guide individuals through the process of healing. He helps clients explore and understand the origins of their trauma, using interventions that can help them process and integrate these experiences so they are no longer as overwhelming. His commitment lies in promoting resilience, guiding clients to rebuild a sense of safety and empowerment, reclaiming their lives from the shadows of the past.

John has a considerable amount of experience working with a wide range of people, including those who are neurodiverse and individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds. Time and time again, John is amazed by the strength of the human spirit and its capacity for profound transformation. His dedication to ongoing learning allows him to continually gain knowledge and strengthen his therapeutic skills, ensuring clients are well-supported under his care. Embarking on a healing journey takes strength and courage, and John is honoured to walk with clients every step of the way.

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