Raihaan Walji

Raihaan’s approach to counselling comes from a place of building an authentic relationship with his clients. He uses emotionally focused approaches, as well as somatic approaches. Before becoming a Registered Clinical Counsellor, he was working as a Kinesiologist. Therefore, he focuses his counselling practice on helping clients achieve greater wellness in both their physical and mental health.

He is passionate about helping couples, youth, adults, athletes, and ICBC clients to overcome life’s challenges and gain peace of mind. Having duel expertise in Kinesiology and counselling has enabled Raihaan to achieve greater results for his clients. He strongly believes in the power of patience and, more so, focusing on the journey rather than the destination.

Raihaan’s experience has given him the opportunity to work with many culturally diversified individuals and groups. He has learned the importance of cultural aspect influences on his client’s daily lives and their contributions to their health and wellness.

Raihaan is an active listener, is empathetic, and is able to provide the flexibility needed to his clients. His powerful approach to clinical counselling fosters hope in his clients and empowers them to overcome trauma, stress, and anxiety. He achieves this through:

  • Helping clients who have gone through traumatic accidents to process their traumas and return to their previous levels of functioning
  • Helping clients understand and establish the harmony between their physical and mental wellness
  • Genuinely connecting with adolescents and youth and enabling them to tell their stories
  • Nurturing clients to gain the skills needed to overcome their challenges and enjoy life
  • Empowering couples to instill confidence and overcome obstacles in their relationships

Raihaan provides counselling sessions in person and online.

  • In person
  • Online Session

Successful Client Stories

Raihaan helped an ICBC client to return to her previous levels of functioning by holding her accountable to engaged in daily self-care in order to start her recovery. He helped her with processing her trauma and experiencing her grief in regards to the accident. After twelve sessions, the client told Raihaan that she was felt like herself again and that Raihaan has enabled her to get “unstuck”.

One of Raihaan’s couple clients were married, had two kids, and their issue was infidelity that just occurred in the marriage. Through months of weekly counselling, they got to the point where they were building a healthy marriage not only for themselves, but for the sake of their children.

Raihaan helped a client reach their weight loss goal and in turn help her not only from a physical standpoint, but a mental one as well. This was one of the main bridges between Kinesiology and Counselling that formed when he helped a client reach their goals more through conversation and empathy rather than from physically demanding sessions. This made Raihaan start to realize his passion for counselling.

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