Susanne Leach


Susanne welcomes her clients by creating a safe space where they feel heard, receive empathy, and feel understood.   She is compassionate, genuine, and curious, helping her clients feel they are not alone.   She has the skills and experience to help clients to overcome past trauma, resolve difficult relationships and work towards building a life they want to live.

She has extensive experience and training, which includes Dialectic Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Emotion-Focused Family Therapy, and Radically Open Behaviour Therapy.

As a registered social worker, Susanne is passionate about helping her clients build strong relationships in order to live their fullest lives. She also has extensive experience working with children, young adults, and their families to address a wide range of challenges, including intense emotions, relationship issues, self-harming behaviours, identity confusion, depression, anxiety, and unhealthy eating patterns.

She has a particular passion for working with parents and caregivers to build an understanding of the underlying needs that are driving their child’s behaviour. She believes that this approach is the most effective in helping the family system, as she works with parents to feel empowered as parents in order to be better able to help their children.

Susanne also runs parent groups that equip parents with the confidence to navigate the complex challenges that come with all families.

Susanne offers counselling in the following offices:

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