Tina Camara


Tina’s calm, compassionate, and genuine nature provides a warm and supportive environment where clients can feel safe, heard, and unconditionally accepted. She believes that a strong therapeutic relationship is paramount in creating meaningful and authentic change and her goal is for her clients to feel safe and empowered. 

Tina helps her clients to explore their feelings and thought processes and provides them with more self-awareness and insight on what patterns and beliefs are holding them back.

Tina is passionate about working with children, youth, and young adults struggling with trauma, loss, ADHD, anxiety, and depression. She is specifically interested in neuroscience and the mind-body-spirit connection. Tina takes pride in helping her clients through their healing journey where they can heal from the past and move forward to develop self-compassion, self-worth, and reach their highest potential.

Tina has spent over 10 years in the public education system and has collaborated with parents, teachers, and doctors to provide the best care. She has worked with a variety of children and youth and is trained in crisis intervention, ASIST in suicidal ideation, and ACE’s for complex trauma. Her approach is rooted in many theoretical orientations as there is no one approach that suits all clients. In addition to strength-based therapy, she also uses Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, guided mediation, Neuroscience and Satir in the Sandtray (NSST), and EMDR. Tina’s level of education and experience has shaped her ability to support clients with a variety of needs.

Tina offers counselling in the following offices:

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