Services Offered


Anxiety Regulation

Is it time for you to take charge of your anxiety? 

Ignoring anxiety can limit your ability to experience a normal life. At Expressions Counselling, we take great care in assessing your current situation in a safe, nonjudgmental and honest manner. We create personalized treatment plans and provide tools that are proven to regulate anxiety and overcome challenges. You will be supported through the counselling relationship and you will be held accountable to works towards your goals. As a result, you will be able to reach your full potential. 


Is anxiety hindering your child’s ability to function?

Living with an anxious child can be exhausting and painful for the family. At Expressions Counselling, we use several child-friendly modalities starting with a comprehensive assessment involving the parents and the child. We assess the reoccurring themes that come through the child’s play and art in play therapy setting. We then facilitate healing and movement through the language of play. 

Trauma Management

Are your traumatic memories preventing you from enjoying life? 

Living with past trauma can be draining. Reminder of such traumatic memories can give uncomfortable feelings of panic and numbness for periods of time. It can also make it hard to relax or to go to sleep. We can help by providing you with self-regulation tools that are effective for you. Furthermore, we can create a self-care plan as one of our first steps towards getting you better. Once you feel equipped and ready, we can visit your traumas gently and in a safe manner, through talk therapy as well as art therapy and sand therapy. We would listen to your needs and go as gently as you are comfortable with in order to avoid feelings of overwhelm and flooding. As a result, you will be able to process your traumas in a gentle manner over a period of time. 


Is it time to seek professional help for your child’s anxiety?  

Having experienced or witnessed a traumatic event can significantly impact your child’s wellbeing. A traumatic experience could be a motor-vehicle accident or simply having been witness to a domestic fight or argument. This event could be in the recent or distant past. If memories of such events are triggered by any factors, your child may experience a fight flight or freeze response due to high levels of anxiety. You child may cry, complain of stomach aches or just freeze. These symptoms are often misunderstood as misbehavior. At Expressions Counselling, we help children and families to make sense of their experiences of trauma. We provide children with various self-regulation tools. We also provide a safe environment through which children can express themselves through play therapy as well as art therapy. They feel seen and heard by the therapist and start gaining relief of their symptoms. 

Depression Relief

Is it time for you to get back on your feet? 

When people are depressed, the most basic activities may feel very taxing. Daily routines such as waking up and getting out of bed may be overwhelming. If left unattended, people may often spiral in downwards motion impacting their health, relationship and careers

At Expressions Counselling, we stand by you in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment. Our approach is designed to empower you with insights and tools to help you resume a healthy routine and create positive change. 

Is your child missing out because of his or her depression?

When a child is depressed, she may have difficulties expressing her feelings. She may throw tantrums, experience bad dreams and feel physically ill. This may impact her school performance and friendships. Furthermore, this may result in reduced self-confidence and self-esteem. At Expression Counselling, your child learns self-regulation tools for coping with their emotions. He gets the chance to express his feelings through art therapy and play therapy. Moreover, parents get the tools and the support needed to help their child. 

Types of Counselling

Research has shown that the quality of the therapeutic alliance is the best predictor of the client’s progress in counselling. Therefore, I start the counselling process by building a strong therapeutic relationship with the client. My first goal is for the client to feel safe, understood and unconditionally accepted. Once I have achieved this, I gently work with the client to reduce the negative symptoms and behaviours through the following avenues:

Talk Therapy - Through talk therapy, I validate the client's presenting emotions and empathizes with the client. I  further identify unhelpful thought patterns or behavioural patterns, helping the client to achieve new insights. I often use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help the client to modify their unhelpful thinking patterns and construct healthier ways of thinking. I give my clients homework after each session in order for the effects of the session to last throughout the week. 

Art Therapy – I facilitate the expression of feelings through drawing, painting, sculpting or creating crafts. The focus is on the healing process rather than the final art outcome. No art experience is necessary. 

Play Therapy – I intentionally set a therapeutic atmosphere with toys and art in preparation for the child client. The child often plays out their life experiences by using miniature play therapy characters, the doll house, the sand-tray and other playroom materials. I validate the child's feelings and foster a healing process by creating an unconditionally accepting relationship. I also work with the child's parents to by giving them some tools to support their child.

My clientele is diverse. I work with children and youth who are dealing with family changes, school issues, behavioural issues, anxiety and depression. I also work with young adults and adults who struggle with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares, memories of trauma, depressive states, self-loathing, low self-esteem, immigration issues, identity issues, social anxiety, Autism Spectrum disorder, LGBTQ+ matters and life transitions. 

I  offer services in Farsi as well as English.