Parent Support Workshop

Online on Zoom

Parent Support Workshop

Sunday May 1st to May 22nd from 10:00 AM -12:00 PM

Online on Zoom

Cost: $500

We believe that involving and supporting parents is KEY to your child’s successful mental health recovery. Research proves that children get better faster when their parents are involved and learn ways to help better support their child. Join us for this important group and learn the necessary skills to become your child’s recovery coach.  Emotion Focused Family Therapy workshop gives you practical tools to help support your child and build a stronger relationship.


Parents will learn the skills to:

  • Become a recovery coach – assisting your child with the interruption of symptoms & behaviours relating to their mental health and wellbeing challenges
  • Become an emotion coach – help your child approach, process & manage stress & emotions – making symptoms unnecessary.
  • Facilitate relationship repair – helping to heal possible wounds from relational stresses
  • Work through and resolve caregiver fears and obstacles during this challenging journey to   recovery.


Facilitated by Susanne Leach, MSW, RSW. Receipts will be provided for insurance purposes. For any questions about the workshop, please connect with at or 778-860-5212.

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