Depression Relief

depression counselling

Is it time for you to get back on your feet?

When people are depressed, the most basic activities can feel very overwhelming. Daily routines such as waking up and getting out of bed, taking a shower, eating healthy food (or eating anything for that matter), washing dishes…all of these little things and more are challenging to the person who has depression. People with depression get told to “Snap out of it”, “Count your blessings,” and “Maybe you need to get on meds!” It makes them feel lonely and misunderstood, which makes things more challenging.

Depression Relief

We understand that it’s already a taxing effort on your mind and body to even consider approaching help for your depression. But you are not alone. At Expressions Counselling, we stand by you in a supportive and nonjudgmental environment. Our approach in counselling for depression is designed to empower you with insights and tools to help you resume a healthy routine and create positive change.

Depression Counselling for Children

When a child is depressed, he or she may have difficulty expressing his or her feelings. He or she may throw tantrums, experience bad dreams, feel physically ill, and exhibit the same signs of depression very commonly found in adults such as oversleeping, chronic fatigue and more. This may impact the child’s school performance, friendships, and family relationships. Furthermore, depression in children and teens results in reduced self-confidence and self-esteem. At Expression Counselling, your child will learn self-regulation tools for coping with their emotions and their depression. He or she will get the chance they need to express his or her feelings through talk therapy, art therapy, and play therapy. They will feel understood and validated. Moreover, in order to help the child, parents will get the tools and the support they need to help their child.

Is your child missing out because of his or her depression?

At Expressions Counselling, our counsellors have years of experience and specific training for working with children and teens. For our younger clients, our playroom is equipped with play therapy tools and materials to support your child and her counselling journey. Through the relationship with the counsellor and tools provided, the counsellors are able to find out the source of your child’s depression and they would be able to work with you and your child in alleviating his or her negative symptoms and getting your child back on track.

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