About Expressions Counselling

Everyone on our Registered Clinical Counsellor team at Expressions Counselling offers confidential sessions to children, youth, adults, and seniors. The focus surrounding our vision, mission, and values is centered on assisting our clients so that they achieve successful and positive growth and improvement.


To expand our counselling practice to reach greater communities across British Columbia, serving individuals from diverse backgrounds and creating meaningful and lasting impact.


To create positive change by fostering hope, healing, empowerment, and growth.


These are the top 10 business/professional values of Expressions Counselling:

1.    Authenticity
2.    Compassion
3.    Trustworthiness
4.    Caring
5.    Resilience
6.    Hope
7.    Perseverance
8.    Growth
9.    Altruism
10.  Social responsibility

Meet our team of counsellors!


Expressions Counselling was awarded the Top to Watch Business Excellence Award of the Tri-Cities Young Professionals. Their owner and clinical director was also a finalist for the Young Professional of the Year award through Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce. Yasaman is grateful to be recognized by her community members and the Chamber of Commerce.

We are proud partners with the following organizations:

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Find out more about our Registered Clinical Counsellors, Art Therapists, Play Therapists, and Counselling Practicum Students: Yasaman Madanikia, Raihaan Walji, Melika Lavasani, Aaron Johnstone, Karen Mitchinson, Jordana Glotman, Caitlin Hall, Tina Camara, Jaclyn Mitchinson, Pavneet Sandhu, Jocelyn Huerta, Kiran Sangha, Ava Outadi, Jessica Sharma, Amara Hinde, Sarah Canning, Nathalie Chang, Laura Avery, Stacey Barclay, Micha Theil, and Danielle Burgess.

We are always available for a complimentary consultation session in person or through our confidential secure virtual counselling before you confirm your decision to accept our services.

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