Assertiveness Training

Do you often find yourself at a loss of what to say? Do you go out of your way to avoid people and tough conversations? Are you often hesitant about expressing your feelings, thoughts, and opinions? Assertive behaviour is required for such situations, however if you find yourself failing at this form of communication, it may be time to seek extra assistance. Expressions Counselling is now providing assertiveness training to clients in Port Moody BC and surrounding areas.

What is Assertiveness Training?

Assertiveness training is a technique used to promote assertive behaviour. Assertiveness is often defined as a form of communication where one expresses themselves directly and honestly within interpersonal situations, and simultaneously respecting the rights and dignity of others. It’s a means of staying true to your rights and needs, while stating them with clarity and confidence.

Assertiveness is not to be confused with aggression or similar behaviours. It is designed to instill and encourage a greater sense of self-respect and worth in oneself, and improve one’s interpersonal skills. Assertiveness training is also effective in helping clients with issues such as social anxiety and depression.

While assertiveness training can be read about in many books where exercises are outlined, professional therapeutic help is much more effective and necessary in order to create real and lasting improvements. This is especially true for clients whose interpersonal skill issues are connected to strong feelings and symptoms of depression and anxiety.

How Does Assertiveness Training Work?

The first goal of any session at Expressions Counselling is to ensure there is a strong therapeutic relationship in place before assertiveness training can begin. Once our clients feel safe, understood, and open to positive change, we help them identify which interpersonal skills and situations have become problems for them, and which behaviours require the most attention. Additionally, we will gently inquire as to which behaviours, attitudes, and beliefs have developed that have led to clients becoming too passive, thus making them vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

Is Assertiveness Training Right for You?

Everyone can benefit from learning how to become more assertive. This form of training focuses on improving both verbal and nonverbal communication and behaviour, which are crucial to establishing support and trust within any relationship. 

Assertiveness training can be included within talk therapy sessions. However, there are times when other therapy techniques such as hypnotherapy or AEDP may be more effective. We can help you determine which therapy works best for you.

The clientele who may benefit from assertiveness training is diverse. We work with children and youth who are navigating their way through behavioural issues, school issues, family changes, depression, and anxiety to name a few.

We also work with young adults and adults who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ and ASD/neurodivergent communities, or who struggle daily with issues such as: stress, panic attacks, anxiety, social anxiety, performance anxiety, GAD, traumatic memories, nightmares, various forms of depression, low self-esteem, self-loathing, identity issues, immigration issues, motor-vehicle accident traumas, and life transitions.

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