Counselling Rates

A complimentary first consultation session is available for all new clients.

Individual Counselling Session

$ 120
00 + GST
  • 50-minute individual session
    including tax
  • Your insurance provider may cover a portion of the costs or the number of sessions—counselling costs are counted as medical costs and they are tax deductible.

Individual Counselling Session

(Reduced Rate)
$ 60
00 + GST
  • For counselling services with counsellors who are done their schooling and practicum hours and are awaiting registration.

Individual Counselling Session

(Further Reduced Rate)
$ 40
00 + GST
  • For counselling services with our counselling interns who are finishing their last year of graduate studies.

Couples Counselling

$ 150
00 + GST
  • 50-minute session

Extended Couples Counselling

$ 280
00 + GST
  • 100-minute session

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