Relationship Counselling

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Would you like to strengthen your bond with your partner?

Everyone can hit a rough spot in their marriage or relationship. However, not everyone seeks out professional couples or relationship counselling, nor are many even aware that there is a process to reconnect with your partner successfully. Some couples will say it is an impossible thing to reignite the same level of passion and love that was there before, but this is not true. With professional guidance and enough determination and willingness between the two partners who are facing issues or obstacles, relationship counselling can help.

Relationship Counselling

At Expressions Counselling, we give couples the support needed to improve their communication, understand each other better, and strengthen their connection. Our relationship counsellors are patient, flexible, and knowledgeable. We aim to empower couples to instill confidence and overcome obstacles in their relationships.

We welcome couples of diversified backgrounds. Some of our past clients have included straight married couples, gay and lesbian married couples, straight relationships, LGBTQ relationships, engaged couples, and more.

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Are you not sure how to start? Learn how to prepare for your first relationship counselling session below.

How to Prepare for Couples Counselling

Most people that think about or want to start relationship or couples counselling have little knowledge of the process since they have rarely, if ever, sought out professional help for their relationship issues. This section is designed to help you and your partner prepare and be able to effectively maximize the time put into therapy and how the process will work.

Objective of Couples Therapy

The main objective of relationship and couples therapy is to find out more about yourself and your partner, while also understanding the interactions between the two of you. This new knowledge is then used to break old, ineffective patterns and help build and develop healthier interactions.

Some key things to think about before your first session:

  • What kind of person do you want to be?
  • What kind of life do you want to build with your partner?
  • What are your own individual barriers stopping you from building this life?
  • What goals do you want to achieve in Relationship or Couples Counselling?

When thinking about the goals of relationship or couples counselling, try and keep the focus on yourself rather than making goals for your partner, for example:

  • The focus should be on what you want to change about you rather than your partner
  • Focusing on how you can improve your responses to situations
  • Letting go of your own assumptions about your partner or a situation

One of the hardest things for individuals is to come to the conclusion that both partners are needing to change and come to a healthy compromise rather than talking about how your partner is the problem and how they need to change to fix the issues presented.

The first session in relationship or couples counselling would be a free 20-minute consultation where we observe your relationship dynamics and we will give you some information on my background and how we work as a counsellor. We will then explore what has brought you to counselling and what you are looking to get out of it. The sessions following this will be to unpack the story at hand on the relationship dynamics and working on the goals that were presented. We may ask for an individual session with each partner at certain points in therapy to get a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the relationship.

Final Thoughts

You can’t change your partner and your partner can’t change you; that is not the goal of relationship or couples counselling. The hardest part about relationship and couples counselling is understanding and accepting that you need to improve your attitude and responses to conflict rather than building a strong case against your partner and “winning” the argument. Remember, you and your partner are a team and it should be both of you against the problem not one person versus the other.

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