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Our vision, mission, and values are centered on assisting our clients so that they overcome challenges and achieve positive growth in their lives. 


Areas of Expertise

Trauma management


Processing and grieving the trauma is a challenge that we all face at different points in our lives.

Anxiety regulation


Anxiety can impact your personal and professional life and prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Depression relief


Depression can make us feel lonely and misunderstood, which makes things more challenging.




Registered Clinical Counsellors

Yasaman knows that there is hope for people to feel better once they are given the support, the unconditional positive regard, and the psychological tools that they need.

Raihaan’s approach to counselling comes from a place of building an authentic relationship with his clients. He focuses his counselling practice on helping clients achieve greater wellness in both their physical and mental health.

Melika truly cherishes each and every client with her genuine and gentle approach. She facilitates an atmosphere in which her clients recognize their self-worth, strengths, and potentials.

Aaron has a transparent, genuine, and authentic approach with his clients that enables them to be able to be their true selves in his counselling sessions.

Karen has extensive experience working with children, youth, couples and their families. She feels passionate about helping individuals and families impacted by depression, grief, addictions and anxiety. 

Jordana welcomes clients into her sessions with her warmth, compassion, and gentle nature. Her genuine care and curiosity in her clients’ lives helps serve as a foundation for establishing a safe space for therapy.

Caitlin works from a place of interconnection, and her first priority is to establish a strong counselling relationship where clients feel heard and understood.

Tina helps her clients to explore their feelings and thought processes and provides them with more self-awareness and insight on what patterns and beliefs are holding them back.

Jaclyn has extensive experience in working with children and youth who are experiencing depression, anxiety, emotion regulation issues, self-harm and suicidal ideation.

Pavneet finds it important to consider each client within their cultures and her goal to provide a culturally therapeutic approach that would be aligned with her clients’ values. 

Jocelyn works with children, youth, and seniors dealing with change, trauma, anxiety, depression, life transitions, immigration, and cultural adjustments.

Kiran has a lively, warm and engaging personality and brings enthusiasm and passion to her work. She is passionate about and committed to working with people who are facing difficulties in their lives.

Ava is passionate about supporting youth and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, substance misuse, and life transitions. She works alongside clients by helping them recognize their inner strengths and capabilities, and empowering them to reach their goals.

Jessica focuses on identifying strengths and providing knowledge and tools to create meaningful change. Jessica’s curiosity and passion for counselling emerged from her own healing journey. Therefore, she is committed to helping others to strive for a healthier versions of themselves.

Amara has a warm, gentle, and strengths-based approach to counselling. She believes that the client is the expert on their own life, and she provides a safe space for them to discover the answers they seek. Amara’s clients feel understood and empowered as a result of working alongside her.

Sarah meets clients with a warm and genuine presence and believes in the importance of a strong therapeutic relationship. She strives to provide a safe space for clients to be seen and heard and supports individuals to explore, express and learn tools to move forward in their journey.

Meet our team of counsellors!


ICBC Counselling

Our staff offers ICBC counselling to clients and victims of motor vehicle accidents. If you have been in a car accident or you were a witness to an accident, you may be applicable for part 7 benefits which covers counselling costs in addition to medical and physical therapy costs. Our ICBC Counselling page discusses part 7 in full for all ICBC clients and trauma victims in need of assistance. If you have any questions please contact us.

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