Caitlin works from a place of interconnection, and is motivated by people not having to be alone in their pain or uncertainty. Her first priority with her clients is to establish a strong counselling relationship in which they feel heard and understood. She creates a space where clients can explore and identify their strengths, self-worth and personal narratives.

She believes that creating personal coping strategies can be informed by understanding our surroundings, relationships and social contexts. Facilitating self-learning with clients empowers them to overcome challenges and work towards the life they desire.

Caitlin works with children, youth, and adults dealing with trauma (illness; poverty; addiction); loss (life transitions; immigration; career changes); and mental health issues (anxiety; depression; ADHD; ASD). She is proud to collaborate with and support queer and trans identified clients and their families.

Caitlin works with her clients to recognize patterns of thinking, behaving and relating to others, and to tune in to how your emotional experience impacts these areas.

She enjoys helping her clients gain confidence, self-esteem, self-compassion and assertiveness.

Caitlin provides the opportunity to explore emotional, mental, physical, social and creative aspects of clients current struggles and their own unique healing processes. She uses various modalities such as Art Therapy (no artistic skills are required), Narrative Therapy, Adlerian Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and is always Trauma-informed in her practice.

Caitlin has experienced personal challenges, and has attended counselling in the past, which resulted in great learning, healing and change. As an artist, she was inspired to pursue creative ways to make a difference in clients’ lives. Caitlin is committed to working with clients to support clients in developing skills and strategies that are practical, creative, and work for them.

Caitlin has completed her Master’s (MA) in Counselling: Art Therapy Program (MCP-AT) from Adler University. She also holds a BA in Gender Studies and Studio Arts from Concordia University

Caitlin offers counselling services in the following offices:



Language: English

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