Play Therapy

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Play Therapy

Play therapy is often a therapeutic technique designed to help children express their true emotions in an environment that is safe and non-judgmental. If your child is dealing with issues such as panic attacks or anxiety, they may not be able to manage their emotions on their own. You may also not know how to help them. That’s why at Expressions Counselling we do our best to ensure your child can fully express themselves using various play therapy techniques and we do our best to support you through our parenting sessions.

Play Therapy

How play therapy works

We intentionally set a therapeutic atmosphere with toys and art in preparation for the child client. The child often plays out their life experiences by using various types of play therapy materials, including miniature characters, the doll house, the sand-tray, and other playroom objects. We validate the child’s feelings and foster a healing process by creating an unconditionally accepting relationship. We also work with the child’s parents too by giving them some tools to support their child.

Who benefits from play therapy?

Our clientele of children is diverse. We work with children and youth who are dealing with family changes, school issues, behavioral issues, anxiety, and depression. We work with children as young as 3. We also work with children who struggle with stress, panic attacks, nightmares, memories of trauma, self-loathing, low self-esteem, immigration issues, identity issues, social anxiety, Autism Spectrum disorder, LGBTQ+ matters, trauma of a motor-vehicle accident and life transitions. We have the passion, knowledge, and experience to support highly sensitive children.

We offer services to children and their parents in Farsi as well as English.

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