Trauma Management

trauma therapy

Are your traumatic memories
preventing you from enjoying life?

We all experience traumas of various natures. Processing and grieving the trauma is a challenge that we all face at different points in our lives. You may want to consider counselling if you have experienced some traumas and you find that once triggered, you are not able to stop your unconscious mind from replaying the trauma. If you have unprocessed traumas you may feel like” something bad is going to happen”. Memories of traumas can pop out in your mind when everything is quiet, often at night, or even when you least expect it while going about your day. Unfortunately, it is not possible to avoid all your triggers as life can be unpredictable and it is not possible to make those high anxiety states to go away once triggered. Therefore, it is very important to grieve and process you past traumas so you gain back control over your life.

Trauma Management

Living with past trauma can be draining. Reminder of such traumatic memories can give uncomfortable feelings of panic and numbness for periods of time. It can also make it hard to relax or to go to sleep. At Expressions Counselling, we can help. Our trauma-based therapy for adults and youth will provide you with the self-regulation tools that are the most effective for you. Furthermore, we can create a self-care plan as one of our first steps towards getting you better. Once you feel equipped and ready, we can visit your traumas gently and in a safe manner, through talk therapy as well as art therapy—if interested. We will listen to your needs and go as gently as you are comfortable with in order to avoid feelings of overwhelm and flooding. As a result, you will be able to process your traumas in a gentle manner over a period of time.

Have you been in a car accident?

Experiencing or being a witness to a motor vehicle accident is a traumatic event for everyone involved, whether you were the driver, a passenger, a bystander, or a pedestrian who was hit by a car. Injuries can ensue from most accidents; recovering from physical injuries alone can create significant trauma in people. Counselling ICBC clients is one of our main specialties at Expressions Counselling. Whether you want to regain the confidence to drive a car without fear, or you need to overcome the trauma of having been hit by a car, our techniques in trauma counselling for driving or related issues can help you get back on the road and regain the ability to live your life normally.

If you have been in an ICBC accident, we are able to bill ICBC directly. Here is some information in Our ICBC clients page if you have been in an accident and you want to know more about your rights.

Trauma Reduction for Children

Having experienced or witnessed a traumatic event can significantly impact your child’s well-being. This event could be in the recent or distant past. Some common traumas include having been witness to a domestic fight, having been in an accident, having had severe medical challenges in the past, a parent having severe medical challenges or a parent, friend or family members passing. If memories of such events are triggered by any factors, your child may experience a fight flight or freeze response due to high levels of anxiety. Your child may cry, complain of stomach aches, or just freeze. These symptoms are often misunderstood as misbehaviour. At Expressions Counselling, we help children and families to make sense of their experiences of trauma. We also provide a safe environment through which children can express themselves through play therapy as well as art therapy. We provide children with various self-regulation tools. Over time, children often feel better by processing their traumas through counselling and by using their given tools.

Is it time to seek professional help for your child’s trauma related anxiety?

By seeking counselling, your children get to make sense of their experiences and their symptoms. Our counsellors are trained in working with children who have experienced trauma and can provide them and provide you with the needed support.

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