Priya takes an authentic, gentle, and collaborative approach with her clients. She believes that everyone has the innate ability to heal. She highly values creating a safe space in which her clients feel seen, safe, supported, and understood. She believes that her clients can learn to operate in ways that better support their nervous systems as they learn more about their emotions and their values. Priya’s clients often report that they can better trust themselves and achieve a deeper sense of self because of working with her.

Priya is passionate about supporting individuals who are on their healing journeys. She specializes in working with clients who have experienced traumas of various kinds, such as gender-based violence, intergenerational trauma, complex trauma, and accident-related traumas. She also has expertise in working with adults moving through life transitions and seeking a deeper understanding of their inner world. She takes pride in helping individuals who struggle with their cultural identity and self-identity. Priya also focuses on working with teens who experience depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, self-harming behaviours, and substance use.

She uses a variety of modalities such as somatic therapy, mindfulness, ACT, EMDR therapy, parts work, and anti-oppressive practices.

As a woman of colour, Priya’s cultural identity of being Canadian and East Indian is important to her, as exploring her identity has been a pivotal part of her healing journey. She continues to actively participate in her personal growth to be able to continue embracing her life in all its layers. When she is not with clients, she enjoys running, meditating, being in nature, dancing, and being with her family and friends.

Priya provides services in English and Punjabi.

She offers counselling in the following offices:

Port Moody, BC

Port Moody, BC


Burnaby, BC

Language: English, Punjabi

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