Danielle believes that the privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. Danielle helps clients work through trauma and stuck points to discover their true wants, needs and preferences. She approaches her work with curiosity and a deep respect for her clients’ courage to heal and grow. Danielle makes her clients feel heard and understood.

Danielle helps clients who are working through relationship challenges, depression, anxiety, and Complex PTSD. She specializes in helping clients who have difficulties with setting, boundaries due to people-pleasing and codependency that they have developed as the result of their attachment traumas. Danielle enjoys working with individuals across the lifespan who are experiencing life transitions, particularly young adults and those experiencing grief, loss, or recovery after injury. Using a variety of approaches such as feminist theory, attachment theory, assertiveness training, psychodynamic theory, and Internal Family Systems Theory, Danielle supports clients to reach the goals that matter most to them.

Danielle has a background in social work with over a decade of experience working with individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges. In her free time, Danielle is an amateur photographer and runner. She is a passionate advocate for the small pleasures in life: good books, cheesecake and reality TV are a few of her personal favourites.

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Language: English

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