Kayla is a genuine, empathetic person at her core and believes that no topic is too big or too small to explore within the counselling space. As a clinician, Kayla places a heavy emphasis on building authentic connections with each one of her clients. Through these connections, she skillfully fosters an environment where clients can feel safe and confident, allowing them to courageously dive deeper into their thoughts, emotions, and personal journey.

Kayla specializes in working with teens and adults who are struggling with depression or anxiety. This includes individuals who are struggling with figuring out their identity. She is also experienced in helping clients who are recovering from chronic pain or a concussion, including individuals who are impacted by accidents or athletes who have been recovering from injuries. Her background in kinesiology and active rehabilitation has informed her emphasis on the mind-body connection when working with her injured clients. Kayla is also passionate about helping new immigrants who are navigating challenging life transitions.

Kayla draws from modalities such as Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Humanistic Methodologies, Solutions-Focused Brief Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive Processing Therapy. Within the next 3 months, Kayla is looking to become certified in EMDR therapy as well. Through the use of these integrated methods, she tailors each session to the individual needs of each client, aligning with their specific goals.

Kayla has had the privilege of working with clients of a wide variety of cultures, religions, and values – all of which she will draw from within the counselling space as she places importance on involving client values within the therapeutic relationship. She has experience helping clients navigate life after a motor vehicle or workplace accident and is a supporter of providing psychoeducation in relation to post-traumatic growth and the hopefulness that stems from having an understanding of neuroplasticity.

Outside of the clinic, Kayla is an avid sports fan, a yogi, and an advocate in the Community for LGBTQ+ individuals. Kayla is of Trinidadian heritage, and she holds close to her heart the collectivist culture that comes from her tight-knit, very large, immigrant family. Navigating her own immigrant family’s journey has uniquely equipped her as a clinical counsellor, enabling her to offer empathetic, culturally-sensitive support and draw upon a deep well of resilience in guiding clients through challenges.

Kayla provides services in the following offices:


Burnaby, BC



Approaches: Talk Therapy
Language: English

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