Micha is privileged to join his clients on their mental health journeys. He brings forth an authentic and grounded presence that is centered on creating a trusting therapeutic relationship. He strives to support his clients on their path of self-understanding, self-knowledge, and personal growth. His empathetic style helps his clients explore and navigate the full range of their emotions and their values. This will allow his clients to live more authentic lives.

Micha is committed to empowering adults, young adults, and teenagers struggling with stress, anxiety, identity, relationships, depression, trauma, and addiction. He uses various counselling approaches such as Person-centered, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness-based therapies, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Micha focuses on his client’s strengths, and he ensures to practice in a way that is aligned with his client’s values and cultures. He brings in his four years of experience in working with high-risk and vulnerable youth.

Coming from a sports background, Micha has a passion for working with athletes in supporting their mental health and mental performance. Having faced his own mental health and identity challenges in university sport, he is driven to support athletes in their health and well-being. He assists athletes in reaching their potential by developing the psychological skills of self-talk, imagery, emotion regulation, concentration, mindfulness, and goal setting. He focuses on fostering a healthy mindset for them by improving their ability to manage stress and perform under pressure. Micha is currently pursuing his Master of Counselling and is looking forward to becoming a Registered Clinical Counsellor and mental performance consultant.

Micha provides counselling in the following offices:


North Vancouver, BC



Language: English

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