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The pregnancy and postpartum period is expected to be a time filled with happiness and joy. Many feel that anything other than positive feelings in this time makes them a bad mother, however, this is far from the truth. Although change is exciting, change can also be scary, stressful, and overwhelming. Mental health challenges are common during this time as this is a stressful life transition.

Pregnancy and Postpartum Counselling | Expressions Counselling
There are many reasons why this time can be challenging:  
  • Hormonal changes occur during and after pregnancy
  • Lack of sleep and normal routine (work, school, exercise, social life, self-care)
  • There is another person to take care of and more responsibilities
  • Shift of attention in a romantic relationship
  • Lost sense of identity

Simplifying Terms

The terms can be confusing and we don’t want that to hinder your ability to seek help. Your counsellor will provide the best care depending how far along you are.

Prenatal – The time period before birth  

Perinatal – The few weeks before birth and after birth 

Postpartum – The time period after birth

Management of Perinatal Depression and Anxiety

Seeking counselling during pregnancy and postpartum can help you move out of feeling stuck. You will begin to feel better and experience the joy of this time. Counselling can be beneficial during this time not only for the mother, but also the father, the child, and the family as a whole. Couples counselling can also be helpful for navigating all of the changes. At Expressions Counselling, our counsellors’ experiences in reproductive mental health lends itself to a treatment plan that uses a combination of evidence-based practices. The counsellor will listen to the needs and tailor the treatment to each unique client. We provide both individual and couples counselling. Whether it is mild to severe mood changes, adjusting to this life transition, processing a traumatic birth, or grief of a miscarriage or stillbirth, we can help.

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