Ava Outadi


Ava is passionate about supporting youth and adults experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, substance misuse, and life transitions. She works alongside clients by helping them recognize their inner strengths and capabilities, and empowering them to reach their goals.

Ava has been working in the mental health field for the past eight years, working with a diverse population providing support to individuals with experiences of abusive relationships, youth living in stressful family dynamics and dealing with substance use problems, and new immigrants to Canada.


Having gone through the counselling process herself, Ava understands the anxiety and nervousness that accompanies starting counselling. She believes creating a strong connection in the counselling relationship is essential in helping clients reach their goals.

As a therapist, Ava is curiously interested in how clients perceive and make sense of their world because we are all experts of our own lives. Ava believes in the healing power of telling our stories and having strong deep connections with those around us. Ava’s work draws from emotionally focused therapy, experiential techniques, EMDR, CBT, and mindfulness- based approaches, and always ensuring a culturally safe and trauma-informed practice.


Ava provides counselling sessions in English and Farsi.


She offers counselling in the following offices:

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