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Talk Therapy

Have you ever wanted to talk about your feelings in a safe and comfortable way, but you felt like there was no one around who would listen to you? No one likes to feel as if they are ignored, especially if they are suffering from past traumas, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem…the list goes on. If you feel you need to speak with someone who you can trust, talk therapy is always available at Expressions Counselling.

How talk therapy works

Research has shown that the quality of the therapeutic alliance is the best predictor of the client’s progress in counselling. Therefore, we start the counselling process by building a strong therapeutic relationship with the client. Our first goal is for the client to feel safe, understood, and unconditionally accepted. Once we have achieved this, we gently work with the client to reduce the negative symptoms and behaviours through talk therapy as well as art and play therapies.

During the talk therapy sessions, we help our clients to feel seen, heard and understood. We further identify unhelpful thought patterns or behavioural patterns, helping the client to achieve new insights. We use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialactical Behavioural Therapy to help the client to become aware of their unhelpful patterns and start creating positive change. We give our clients homework after each session in order for them to become active participants in their recovery.

Is talk therapy right for you?

Most people use talk therapy for their counselling needs. However, there are times when art therapy, EMDR, or hypnotherapy is more effective. We can help you determine what works best for you.

Our clientele for talk therapy are very diverse. We work with children and youth who are dealing with family changes, behavioural issues, school issues, anxiety, and depression to name only a few. We also work with young adults and adults who struggle daily with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares, traumatic memories, varying degrees of depression, self-loathing, low self-esteem, immigration issues, identity issues, social anxiety, performance anxiety, GAD, Autism Spectrum disorder, LGBTQ+ matters, motor-vehicle accident traumas and life transitions.

Do you speak Farsi? We offer talk therapy services in Farsi as well as English.

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